Sky Studio

Our Yoga Sky Studio is not merely a space; it's a sacred sanctuary that emanates from a shared reverence for the art of Yoga.

Within our Sky Studio, we have curated an ambiance that transcends the ordinary, beckoning our cherished Yogis to immerse themselves wholly in their practice, forging an intimate connection between breath and motion. Our sessions promote physical strengthening and stamina-building. 

Our Vision + Drive behind what we offer:

Our unwavering vision and driving force are deeply rooted in our commitment to nurturing a mindful community, where the harmonious connection between mind and body takes center stage. We empower our Yogis to not only feel fit but to embody strength and vitality. Your path to Wellness begins here.

Our Guiding Principles:

Our foundation is built upon a profound sense of compassion that fuels our passion for movement and fosters genuine human connections. Our unwavering commitment extends to nurturing a vibrant community where the currency of kindness is held in high regard. In essence, we epitomise authenticity, imperfection, joy, and an unquenchable thirst for the artistry of existence. 

Practicing in the Sky Studio
Yin and Vinyasa

Yin:  This style of yoga is a slow-paced, meditative style of yoga that focuses on deep stretching and relaxation. Poses are held for several minutes to target connective tissues, promoting flexibility and mindfulness.

Vinyasa: A sequence of postures that flow, connecting breath to movement, building strength and inner heat. Be prepared to sweat!

Yoga encompasses more than muscle work; it massages deep tissues, glands, and organs, which aids in the release of long-stored "toxins." Sweating facilitates detoxification, which provides your whole body with a radiant glow.

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* Enhanced upper body, core, and glute strength
* Increased flexibility, grace, and fluidity
* Improved endurance
* Breath expansion
* Authentic self-expression

Class Etiquette:

* Arrive punctually; classes start on time
* Shoes stay in the lobby
* Keep personal items outside the yoga room
* Turn off cell phones and leave them outside
* Maintain silence in the yoga room
* Create space for everyone's practice
* Stay for the entire class
* Remember, yoga is a journey that takes time to cultivate

Pre-Class Preparation:

* Register online for your class
* Refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before class
* Arrive 10 minutes early
* Leave shoes in the lobby and belongings in designated areas
* Familiarise yourself with Class Etiquette (see below.
* New to yoga? Position your mat in the middle or rear for guidance
* Arrange mats to allow arm movement without disturbing neighbors

What to Bring:

* You can book one of our 12 in-house mats in advance
* Feel free to bring your own yoga mat and water bottle
* We provide blocks and straps, or you can bring your own

Group Yoga Rates

Drop in / single class: R160

Venue: Sky studio, Pezula Nature Retreat

Invited: All ages, all fitness levels

Yoga Teacher: Judy

Resident Guests

1st class: FREE (12 slots)

2nd class: R140

Gym / Hotel / Yoga Memberships

1st class: FREE (12 slots)

Single class: R140

4 class pass (one class per week): R520

8 class pass (two classes per week): R960

12 class pass (three classes per week): R1320

Unlimited class pass: R2000

Private sessions are available upon request
All sessions to be booked in advance

Yoga Instructor, Judy

Judy is a RYA Certified Yoga Instructor that will be guiding you on a Yoga journey of mindfulness and wellness, and finding inner peace through breathing and movement. She specialises in Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Yin Yoga, and is here to help you discover balance, flexibility, strength and serenity. 

Contact Number: +27(0)44 302 3333
Area of expertise: Ashtange, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher