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January 31, 2020
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February 28, 2020

The Poetic Beauty of the Western Cape

“…It was then with quotes (good and bad) running through my mind that I decided to take a trip along the coast of the Western Cape. A sort of poetic road trip if you will.

Armed with the books, musings and quotes of Keats, Coelho and even Hunter S. Thompson – all who have in their own right written about the beauty of travelling and discovering – I set out on my journey.

To paraphrase Mr. Thompson: I bought the ticket and took the ride.

My journey starts on the West Coast. The unfiltered, natural and raw beauty of the West Coast is almost harsh. The rugged coastline that has captured the souls of so many.

Being relatively untouched by modern aesthetics and city-like developments, the various towns scattered along the West Coast are all distinctly charming in their own way, with most of them being home to early settlers in the 17th and 18th century, and the indigenous Khoisan prior to that.

However, it is one of the West Coast’s more famous towns that has stood the test of time, capturing visitors with its captivating charm and warmth time and time again: Langebaan.

The town itself is dripping with unobstructed beauty: a sparkling lagoon, spilling on to the white, bright beaches, natural fauna and flora, and that distinctive West Coast air that will clear any dwelling mind.

It’s the ongoing allure of this stunning West Coast town that has brought poets, pirates and players back to Langebaan so many times.

If fun and adventure is what you seek, then you’ll find a subdued version of it in Langebaan. An amazing kitesurfing hotspot, the lagoon is full of water sport aficionados in the summer months. The winter brings

those looking to reset. Whether it be in a cottage on the water’s edge, or something more magical, like the houseboats in Kraalbaai.

There is ample accommodation, but one hotel that certainly stands out in terms of character is The Farmhouse Hotel – perfectly positioned overlooking the lagoon. I imagine that Mr. Keats would have found solace in the warm, cosy rooms in this beautiful hotel.

Langebaan is a laid back paradise. A place to unwind and breathe – truly breathe – for those looking for an escape…”

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